Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I go "tumble"

That is what Ashley says on Wednesdays. She wants to go to tumbling (gymnastics for toddlers). Which is ironic b/c mostly she cuts line and just wants to run around like a rabid indian. Some days she is good and does all her stations correctly. Last week she was the only one doing her handstand (up against a mattress with instructor Valeri hanging on) up on her hands and not her elbows. She loves the trampoline! When they complete a station they are taught to stand up & say, "ta-da" (what she is doing in picture). She so cutely says, "Ta-wa-da".

Ashley and the Coach

OK, I have had requests for this photo. Hope Tommy T. images are not copyrighted! Tommy Tuberville (Auburn Football coach) is a member of the same country club as us and we see him often and thus why it was strange to ask him for a 'fan' picture. And even more funny because he knows we are ROLL TIDE fans. Anyway, I thought my Uncle Jim (AU grad) would like this for his desk. Uncle Jim is set on Ashley going to Auburn, so he is welcomed to pay for the tuition and we will allow that, lol:)

So, we got the picture. I came home and emailed it to Mike and close family and friends with some haha's. Well, Mike doctored it a little with the added verbage (it said"This ain't Bear Bryant, Momma") and we were very careful who we sent it to but it apparently made it back to the nice coach. Luckily he has a good sense of humor...

Later Mike asked me why I didn't get her picture with the rest of the gentlemen playing golf with Tommy. I replied that I did not know them, they were just some old farts. Mike said they were about his age (50's) and were some other famous coaches and one was even a hall of famer. And I am thinking...Big wooo! I only recognized one!

A Pirate looks at 3...

Ashley loves anything pirate (piyate, as she says). Oma and Opa got her this pirate get up and she had to sleep in it the first night. She likes to say, "aaaarg, Matey". Her favorite pirate stuff is: "Dora's Pirate Adventure", Captain Feathersword of the Wiggles and an episode of Miss Spider that has pirates in it. She is always telling me that her 'Da-dee' is a pirate too!

China Group Reunion 2007

We have had these wonderful 8 daughters for 2 years now! Our travel group (7 families) that all went to China to adopt at the same time with our agency have worked hard to stay close and most importantly keep the girls close. They essentially are "sisters". One family did not get to travel this time but one that we had not seen since China was there this year, they live the farthest away.