Wednesday, July 28, 2010

T-Ball Season 2010

Well, our first try at T-ball was a success. Just HOT though! Who thought it was a good idea to have tball in the summer in the south! The team was great and even though we didn't keep score, they won.

China travel group Reunion 2010

Our reunion in Gulf Shores of our 2005 China Travel Group. We have had the girls for 5 years now!

Swimming 2010

Ashley's many courses of swimming lessons have paid off. She loves to swim, does it well and likes to show off on the diving board. The lifeguards at the pool call her the fish!

Easter Dress Photos

This is why we do not pay to get professional photographs of our child. This was the best of many in her Easter Dress. (this is her best T-Rex impression)

Daddy Daughter Dance 2010

This is a picture someone at the dance took and the actual dance pictures were much better. Ashley has that 'deer in the headlight look' but its kinda funny. They both get so excited to attend the annual Daddy Daughter Dance every year. This was a hard day, we (Mike) had driven to Fairhope for the CNY parade and back to get her ready in time for her date with Daddy.

Made in China

Mike pulled this sticker off of something and put it on her nose...I just had to take a picture.

CNY 2010

We went to the annual Chinese New Year parade in Fairhope. Only 4 of the 8 girls in our travel group got to attend. As we get older and more busy, it is sad to say, but there will be more obstacles in our way to getting together. From left to right: Jade, Ashley, Kati & Tori (twins)