Thursday, August 21, 2008

Travel Group Reunion 2008

Once a year and twice sometimes (at Chinese New Year time too) our little group of 7 families that all traveled together to China to get our daughters reunion in the late summer. This year, we met again in Gulf Shores at one of the families homes. They so graciously let us have it there every year and we all have a great time swimming and eating.
Order of the girls on the couch: Tori and Kati (twins, the oldest), Ashley, Ella, Annabella, Jade, Josie (the youngest).
For the first time this year the girls really played together, interacted. Really I guess us adults expect them to love eachother, they did live together the first 9 months of their lives int he same room! But since they only see one another twice a year, they are really like strangers. This year afew remembered the other ones from February when we saw the group for the CNY parade and they all got along well.

The jones family have a red couch so we recreate our famous 'red couch' picture with the girls. One family did not get to attend this year, they live far away in the NE, they were missed!
Picture of ashley learning something from Jade's big sis Katie.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Ashley got her picture taken with Alabama's winningest active coach in Class 6A with a 272-76-1 record, Spence McCracken. Or as she says 'coach comcracken'. He lives across the street from us and lovingly agreed to have his picture with her for the 2008 Bulldog football program that they sell at games for his final football season before retiring.

It was starting to rain so we were in a hurry but she was quit the champ. She wanted to know where his football outfit was, she just doesn't get the concept of the coach and teammate...

She will be going with us to Bulldog stadium for home games, we have had her screaming for the last two seasons...GO DAWGS. Last season she would say all as one sentence, "Go Dawgs, touchdown awabama wolltide". At least she has covered all of her teams.