Monday, November 24, 2008

And speaking of Halloween...

The costume contest at the club is for children only, but Mike got an honorable mention in the club newsletter, LOL.

Guess who he is?

This is even more funny because:

1. we are Alabama fans, ROLL TIDE!

2. Tommy is a fellow member at the club so he gets this newsletter at his house just like us.

We assumed he was too busy to read the club newsletter during football season, but not to worry...someone showed it to him. And believe me, even though we are going to beat AU on NOV 29th, he is still a very polite nice guy, he would never be mad. However he did tell the person that showed it to him that he would take it up with Hilyer next time he saw him. He really has a good sense of humor since, especially since this is the second time we have had a few laughs on him. At least we cheer for AU when they are not playing UA!!!

Halloween 2008

OK, OK, I know, I didn't make the best costume ever this year. But how could I top last year's 'Chinese Elvis' (see old posts for photos)! I did offer several options of a pink bunny. She wanted to be a pink bunny b/c her little lovey that she carries around is a little pink bunny and she wanted to look like that. She picked each piece, even the ears and tail. The ears were a constant menace...

With me being such a perfectionist and Mike expecting it look as great as last years costume we were both let down, especially when we took her to the country club costume party. But she still looked cute as ever. She was oblivious and loved her costume. She also finally came into that sweet tooth we thought (and hoped) she would never get. She wanted to stay out trick or treating but we were cold. We T & T by golf cart and it was breezy!

Ashley's first fish!

We went to visit some friends at their fishing lodge and Ashley got to catch her first fish, she wasn't nearly impressed as we were...but the little ham did like getting her picture with it. She, being the germophobe and overclean kid that she is did NOT want to touch it. YUCK!

Back to Bible Study

She is so excited to go to Community Bible Study, she has many friend in her class that she knows from both church sundays and her preschool. I teach the 4/5 yr olds and she does not like if I come into her class to get anything (glue, paper,etc), she makes sure to tell me, "it IS NOT time to go yet!".

Outfit my ME! It says, F.R.O.G. Fully Rely on God

Back to School

Ashley started back to preschool and was so excited to see her friends fromt he last two years!