Friday, December 18, 2009

Ashley PAYNE Hilyer picture

I made these pants (as a size 2) two years ago because we wanted to do this picture but the little turkey just grew into the bloomin pants! Our little Payne Stewart.

Annual Christmas picture

Mike thinks he looks like he swallowed Mickey Mouse! We did eat alot in that week.

Thanksgiving Feast at School

This so cracks me up! Does anyone remember Pocahontas was a pilgrim too? And after their pilgrim shoes they had a costume change to Indians, um, excuse me, Na-tive A-mer-i-cans (that was for my buddy Brenda). And they got to pick names for their headbands, Ashley was Running Rabbit Ashley! Mrs Leonard outdid herself with those children and making a feast from scratch.

Recliner surfing!

She really did fall asleep like this, he is faking! Recliner po-ta-toes!

Annual Alabama Picture for Mike's office