Friday, December 18, 2009

Ashley PAYNE Hilyer picture

I made these pants (as a size 2) two years ago because we wanted to do this picture but the little turkey just grew into the bloomin pants! Our little Payne Stewart.

Annual Christmas picture

Mike thinks he looks like he swallowed Mickey Mouse! We did eat alot in that week.

Thanksgiving Feast at School

This so cracks me up! Does anyone remember Pocahontas was a pilgrim too? And after their pilgrim shoes they had a costume change to Indians, um, excuse me, Na-tive A-mer-i-cans (that was for my buddy Brenda). And they got to pick names for their headbands, Ashley was Running Rabbit Ashley! Mrs Leonard outdid herself with those children and making a feast from scratch.

Recliner surfing!

She really did fall asleep like this, he is faking! Recliner po-ta-toes!

Annual Alabama Picture for Mike's office

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had Halloween Trick or Treating tonite b/c there is a home AU game on actual 31st. These pictures are from the Country Club
Halloween kids party last week.
Ashley's costume is a Lee-Scott Cheerleader!

Last day at Disney 09

AShley loved feeding the ducks popcorn, but she was not suppose to, they loved her. She met lots more famous actors, like here is Timon from The Lion King movie.

More Disney pics

We went to disney to see the charactors from Cars, Ashley does NOT like those 'stinkin princesses' or anything else girly. Her and her dad danced in the streets at the Block Party.

Disney Trip 2009

We went to Disney for Ashley's birthday. She met lots of charactors. Our view of the animals from the hotel room at the Animal Kingdom Lodge was great, a different animal daily.

Ashley turns 5!

Cheering at the HS game

The graduates of the cheer camp got to cheer at the high school game at the pregame show. Ashley is the short tan one.

Cheerleading Camp

She loved being around those tweens and teens but still insists she is not a girly girl and is a certified expert tomboy!

Start to a new school this fall

Ashley started school at Lee-Scott Academy this year, Pre K-4. She loves her classmates and teacher, Mrs Leonard, so do we!

China travel group Reunion 2009

This is 6 of the eight girls that were adopted together from the same orphanage, 2 of the families couldn't make it to the reunion.
Annabella, Josie, Ashley, Twins-Tori & Kati, Jade

She loves to swim!

Yes, this is the nerdiest kid at the COuntry Club pool this past summer....

Jenny our babysitter

Jenny has been our other daughter for nearly 4 years now, we love her. She graduated from opelika High last year and is a Freshman at AU this fall. She is also on the elite and few Auburn Majorettes so we see her less. We miss her but she led us last year to another majorette at OHS, Rachel, we love her too.

Like father, like daughter

She really did fall asleep like this, mike was just imitating!

Ashley's Radio Spot

Ashley and mike did a safety July 4th radio spot for wearing your seatbelt. This is them in the booth with the DJ and our friend, John Bodiford!

Easter 2009

Easter face painting

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Honor Flight

Mike's stepdad Louie (Poppa) came in from the Honor FLight 3 on 05/02/09 with a big welcome for all the veterans that went to DC to see the WWII monument.

Disney on Ice

Ashley loves Cars the Movie but can't stand all that fussy Princess stuff so she was excited to see the Cars parts of Disney on Ice.

Easter 2009

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Snow in the South!

Ashley loved the snow so much! She made a snowman, threw snowballs and various other snow functions she tried.